17 Apr 2018

Use this form to register for the exams to be held at the SA Jockey Academy, KZN, South Africa from 13 to 15 July 2018.

Please ensure you choose the correct exam from the dropdown list. If you are unsure, check the requirements for each exam, or contact us.

Examination Fees are R2250 per module for SAAPF members and R2750 per module for non-SAAPF members.

Banking Details for payments are as follows:


FNB HILLCREST - Branch Code 221326

Account Number - 62233030147

60% Deposit is due ASAP

21 Aug 2016
Shoe board

Well the east coast had its FITS exam yesterday. As usual what you organise on paper and how you think the exam will run in regards to time etc.......doesnt. It was a long day and both Examiners - Robbie Miller and Steve Riggs done a fantastic job all day. The day started with Shoeboards and the oral. All a little nerve wracking to sit in front of 2 examiners who know their stuff, and try to answer, explain, detail and not forget your train of thought. Its certainly one aspect of the exam that takes it toll on the candidates.

20 Aug 2016


Submitted by Bob Sim

Our Exams in Australia have started today with a clinic conducted by South African FITS examiner Robbie Miller, the clinic went down well with most of the guys losing their shyness and starting to ask questions and want to participate by half way thru.The theory portion was completed by candidates tonight.Tomorrow sees candidates offer their shoe board and complete their oral.

11 Aug 2016

FITS South Africa Examinations 2016

Submitted by Jocelyn Constant

The SAAPF (South African Association of Professional Farriers) and Sean Eggersglusz hosted the 2016 South African FITS Examinations at Pondorosa Farm, Nelspruit from the 5th to the 7th August.  Many thanks go to our fantastic judges, Kim Broad ASF, Robbie Miller ASF, Dr Alasdair Cameron BVMS MRCVS and also our assitant judges Sean Eggersglusz ASF and Johnny Murdoch ASF.  This was a fantastic event with 23 candidates presenting themselves for a total of 43 modules.  What a fantastic achievement for each and every candidate who put their skills and knowledge to the test.  Congratulations go t

28 Jul 2015

2015 FITS South Africa Exams - Mooi River

Submitted by Jocelyn Constant

The 2015 FITS South Africa Exams are being held in Mooi River, KZN this coming weekend starting Friday the 31st July through to 2nd August 2015.  A guideline for times for the weekend is detailed below:

Friday, 31st July 2015

9am - Registration

9:30am - Introduction & Briefing followed by Q & A with the examiners

10:00am - CF - Written Exam

11:30am - CF - Live Shoeing

1:00pm - ASF - Live Shoeing

3:45pm - CF - Oral/Shoeboard

5:00pm - Clinic

Saturday, 1st August 2015

7:30am - CF - Shoe Specimen


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