21 Aug 2016

2016 Abernethy Australia FITS exam

Submitted by Bob Sim
Shoe board

Well the east coast had its FITS exam yesterday. As usual what you organise on paper and how you think the exam will run in regards to time etc.......doesnt. It was a long day and both Examiners - Robbie Miller and Steve Riggs done a fantastic job all day. The day started with Shoeboards and the oral. All a little nerve wracking to sit in front of 2 examiners who know their stuff, and try to answer, explain, detail and not forget your train of thought. Its certainly one aspect of the exam that takes it toll on the candidates. It doesnt matter how well you think you know your stuff, having to explain yourself and why you use a particular shoe etc to these guys is daunting.  But the candidates got through it relatively feeling confident. I sat and listened to both Robbie and Steve ask the questions and try to explain what they were wanting, I was really in awe of how good the questions were in relation to the shoes the candidates presented. These examiners have such a vast amount of knowledge about their profession and the anatomy and movement of horses.The shoeing portion is always a highlight, it can get a little nerve wracking when these candidates are all calling for foot prep inspection or shoe inspections. But it all went pretty well. We had 3 CF Candidates, with 2 CF Resits and an ASF Resit for his shoeing.All the candidates did well with the forging as well.  The day was beautiful and sunny for a winters day and everyone who attended all had great things to say about the FITS program, how excited they were to be learning so much, things they never thought they would be able to achieve when they first started in this industry.We had a couple of the candidates who didnt acheive their goal yesterday, they didnt pass. But this is not a reflection of how hard these guys have worked. These guys have been working for  months towards this goal, and it was just on the day that things didnt go their way, we all know that it can take just one little thing to make it all go pear shaped.I really appreciate how hard all them worked and studied. It really brings a smile to your face to see them working to better themselves and futher their knowledge.We did have a couple of resits in the shoeing as well, both the guys who did the resit, passed. Working to the clock is hard and can put you off, but the second time worked a charm.Robbie flies to Perth in Western Australia along with Bob Sim on Wednesday, they will both then examine the guys on the West Coast.Those that did acheive their goals were:Craig Etherden CFWayne O'Donnell CFBill Langridge CF Thank you so much Robbie Miller for coming out here and being a huge part of the FITS program.  Having you has been a pleasure. Defianately have going to South Africa in the next few years on the calendar.Desarae Sim