11 Aug 2016

FITS South Africa Examinations 2016

Submitted by Jocelyn Constant

The SAAPF (South African Association of Professional Farriers) and Sean Eggersglusz hosted the 2016 South African FITS Examinations at Pondorosa Farm, Nelspruit from the 5th to the 7th August.  Many thanks go to our fantastic judges, Kim Broad ASF, Robbie Miller ASF, Dr Alasdair Cameron BVMS MRCVS and also our assitant judges Sean Eggersglusz ASF and Johnny Murdoch ASF.  This was a fantastic event with 23 candidates presenting themselves for a total of 43 modules.  What a fantastic achievement for each and every candidate who put their skills and knowledge to the test.  Congratulations go to our 3 newly qualified Certified Farrier candidates namely, Glen Zimmerman, Maurice Pope and Matt Clowes!

A special thanks go to our fabulous sponsors for this event:

Protea Hotels

Fiona Ross & Rossak Stud

Martin Sakinofsky & Ass

Eggy’s Farrier Services


And thank you to Sean Eggersglusz for providing all the horses for the modules and for the generous hospitality shown to all candidates and judges for the duration of this event being held at his fabulous venue, Pondorosa Farm.

Many thanks to Rene Roussouw for all the fantastic photographs from our event which are available for viewing under the gallery tab.