3 May 2014

SA FITS Exams 2014

Submitted by Jocelyn Constant

We have come to the completion of the 2014 South African FITS Examinations and are proud to announce that in addition to our newly qualified ASF Farrier, John Murdoch, we also have three candidates that successfully completed their Certified Farrier Level.  Congratulations go to Gregory Nel, Tobie van der Merwe and Lance Setter. 

28 Apr 2014

FITS Exams KZN, South Africa

Submitted by Jocelyn Constant

The 2014 South African FITS Exams are being held this week in Mooi River KZN.  This promises to be an exciting event and we welcome all the competitors and spectators alike.  Registration starts at 16h00 on Thursday 1st May and the event continues through Friday 2nd and Saturday the 3rd May.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Jocelyn on 0828756083

26 Feb 2014

Dusty Franklin CJF ASF

Submitted by Jocelyn Constant

Dusty Franklin has been shoeing horses full-time since 1992 after working for his father, who is also a Certified Journeyman Farrier, for several years.  He has been involved in the horse industry for over 25 years as a youth competitor, amateur competitor, and now as a father of a youth competitor in both riding and farriery.


11 Feb 2014

FITS Exams South Africa May 2014

Submitted by Jocelyn Constant

The FITS Exams South Africa will be held at the popular venue Brinstone Farm, Mooi River, KwaZulu Natal from the 1st to the 4th May 2014.  This promises to be another exciting weekend with our judges Robbie Miller ASF and Dusty Franklin CJF ASF not only examining the candidates, but hosting a very informative and not to be missed clinic.  Please register for your relevant modules online as soon as possible as the closing date for exam registration is the 20th April 2014.  We look forward to seeing you in May!

14 May 2013

FITS Testing in Australia

Submitted by Jocelyn Constant

Fits Testing In Australia  Australia’s first FITS exam was conducted on 3/5, May 2013 at Hawkesbury TAFE New South Wales about 1 hour’s drive from Sydney. The FITS Exam is the brain child of Chris Gregory FWCF. Chris is from the U.S, many of us know Chris from comps or clinics he has conducted and or his books and articles he has written over the years. Chris recognized the need for an international testing system that can be conducted world wide in the interest of improving the farrier’s skills, and improving the lives of the horses they work on.


Preparation for the testThe shoeing portion of the exam shall consist of a candidate shoeing 2 feet on a horse with a pair of keg shoes in one hour.  The shoes will be supplied by the candidate, and can be any brand or style of shoe appropriate for the horse.  The candidate will shoe the horse with toe clips, regardless of whether it is a pair of hinds or fronts


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