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tool mantainance

What is the best way to mantain good punches?

dean gary lewis

  David I have found with

  David I have found with punches and stamps that the best thing for a start is to make them out of h13 air hardened tool steel . I have heard a great deal of people say over the years that your stamps and pritchels should be set  using your hammer how ever I have found that not to be the best way . I once asked Bob Marshal the same Question you have asked and he told me that if he were to compete again he would pay an fitter or a tool maker to set all his tool precisly to the nail required . Apon this I  looked around for a tool that could help me to achive a highly acurate finish on my tools. The tool I found was a linishing machine that is called a Radius Master it is an Australian invension it has ajustable plates and enables a acurate and fine finish when used with a fine belt.Since I have done things this way I have found it much easier to maintain the tools I probably give them a going over every 4 to 6 sets of shoes I hope this is of some help .