1. What is F.I.T.S?  A - F.I.T.S. stands for “Farrier International Testing System”. It is a system of testing that is available to any farrier or country association that would like to use the exam.
  2. Who is the F.I.T.S. exam for?  A  - The F.I.T.S. exams are for any farrier that is looking to improve their ability at the trade of farriery. No matter what level you are at the exams will be an excellent test of your abilities.
  3. Why is the exam needed?  A - There was a void in the farrier world of a truly international exam to test the level of skills for farriers around the world. It opens international opportunities to farriers who have passed the exams, such as an apprenticeship in another country, a working vacation, or maybe moving to a new location for your practice.
  4. What are the exam levels?  A - There are currently two (2) levels, the Certified Farrier (CF) and the Advanced Skills Farrier (ASF)
  5. Is the ASF level the same as the AFA CJF of the USA?  A - If you have passed the ASF exam it is NOT a replacement for the American Farriers Association’s Certified Journeymen Farrier (CJF) test at this time. You want your CJF you would still have to go through the testing processes as outlined by the American Farriers Association.
  6. Is the ASF level the same as the DipWCF of the UK?  A - At this time the ASF is not excepted as a replacement for the Diploma of the Worshipful Company of Farriers (DipWCF)
  7. Is the ASF level the same as the Graduate Farrier of Brazil?  A - Yes the ASF is recognized as a replacement for the Graduate Farrier of Brazil
  8. Where are the exams currently being held?  A - The exams have been held recently in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and the USA. If you are from another country and would like to host a F.I.T.S. exam please contact us so that we can talk about it.
  9. Can the exam be taken more than once?  A - Yes each level of certification can be taken more than one time.
  10. What is the time period allowed to complete each certification?  A - If you have completed one portion (module) of an exam you have three (3) years from that date to complete the rest of the exam level that you are pursuing. If the three years expires then all the portions of the exam will need to be taken.
  11. Does the Certified level need to be completed before taking the ASF exam?  A - Yes. Unless you have passed the AFA CJF or the DipWCF then you would be able to skip the Certified level and start at the ASF level. Proof MUST be provided!