Sean Eggersglusz



I started  with my farrier apprenticeship in 1991 in Potchefstroom with the SANDF as a national serviceman whereafter I joined the Permanent force to complete my apprenticeship(4 years).

After qualifying, I was actively involved in the training of national servicemen as platoon farriers  to mounted infantry sections and training of permanent force apprentices. Towards the end of my military career as a farrier, I was the section head of the farrier division and was also the course leader for farrier training courses ,training farriers for other armed forces namely the SAPS and Transkei Defence force. Whilst shoeing in the Defence Force,I was responsible for the shoeing of a large contingent of the top sports horses that were competing in Dressage,Showjumping,Eventing and Endurance at the time.I also worked closely with the Military Veterinary Corps Vets on numerous surgical and corrective cases, gaining invaluable experience in these fields. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the SANDF and also am grateful for the opportunity and vast experience I gained during that phase of my career. I had the privilege of working with some legends, including Cmdt Peter Stark who was one of South Africa’s greatest Dressage instructors, thanks to his input, I was one of the Defence Forces’ top Dressage riders competing in Advanced level. To this day I still actively compete in Dressage and Eventing and it remains my passion.

Just before ending my time with the Defence Force, I had the privilege of competing in a military horseshoeing contest in Bern, Switzerland in May 1999. I ended up in third place, competing against Portugal,England,Germany,Austria and of course Switzerland. What a great experience!

Since leaving the Defence Force in 1999,I have trained a number of apprentices who have gone on to be successful farriers. I have been involved in a training programme in Malawi,Africa, teaching Malawians to shoe horses for their owners(No registered or Qualified farriers in Malawi) from 1999 to 2007.

On a competitive note, I have won the South African Farrier and Blacksmith Championships on three occasions. I have also been on the South African team on two occasions that have competed at the annual Stoneleigh contest in England in 2006 and 2007.

I achieved my FITS certified level in Robertson, Western Province in 2010 and my FITS ASF level  in Kyalami, Gauteng Province in 2011. Both were headed and examined by Chris Gregory

I currently run a practice in the Lowveld region of Mpumalanga,South Africa, shoeing anything from Warmblood/Fresian sport and stud horses to trail,tourism and Endurance horses. I also host annual forging contests at my farm, Pondarosa Ranch,Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

I remain committed to improving and maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship within the farrier industry.