13 Oct 2014

FITS Exams and Farrier Competition, Milnerton Cape Town 2014

Submitted by Jocelyn Constant

The countdown for the Cape Town 2014 FITS Examinations and farrier competition has begun!  Less than 3 weeks to go until we all meet at Milnerton, Cape Town to be examined by Dusty Franklin CJ ASF, Sean Eggersglusz ASF and Dr Alisdair Cameron.  Our final list of candidates for the FITS Examinations are in as well as our final list of competitors for the farrier competition.  The Novice Division is comprised off Gregory Nel, Jaques Sauer, Sarah Frylinck, Kai Hansen, Lance Setter, Theo Janssen and Dwain Store.  The Intermediate Division is Fredrik Kukkuk, Joe van der Merwe, Brian Donnolly, Jaques Kruger, Markk Zofka, Mike Nale (USA) and Matt Kachnavage (USA) and in the Open division we have Scott Borland, Ami de Wet, Robbie Miller, John Murdoch, Gordon Bouwer, Tobie van der Merwe, Candice Brown and Robbie Dawson.  Good luck to all the exam candidates and competition entrants!