Robbie Dawson

Robbie Dawson DWCF

Robbie Dawson FITS Examiner and DWCF farrierRobbie Dawson started his farrier carreer at a very young age of around 12 years; he was trying to trim ponies at their farm called Stonyhurst. Upon completing his schooling he was sent out to become an apprentice farrier to his brother. After a three year apprenticeship he was conscripted into the South African Defence Force where he was utilised as a farrier for two years.

Robbie then worked on his own for approximately one year after which he was given the opportunity to go to the United Kingdom. He worked as a stable lad for D.G.Murray-Smith in Lambourn where he was fortunate enough to look after two horses that ran in the Grand National. Robbie also competed successfully in both show jumping and point to point disciplines.

He was then offered a job as an apprentice farrier to Mr Jerry Baker RSS. After taking an assessment at the Hereford School of Farriery he was offered a shortend apprenticeship. During this time he competed successfully at the numerous competitions and attended numerous seminars and clinics, including the Equilox clinic by Rob Sigafoos. He was also given extra blacksmithing tuition by Colin Smith F.W.C.F and lectures by Dr Robert Eustace at the Salisbury Technical College. He also shod horses in the mountains in Cortina Nothern Italy. Robbie plated numerous winners in the U.K for various trainers, and shod for nearly every equine discipline. He was nominated as Champion European Apprentice in 1993.

Upon attaining his qualification from the Worshipful Company Of Farriers he returned home to South Africa and started his own farrier practice. Since then his business has grown and he employs seven individuals who assist in every aspect of shoeing. Robbie does a large number of therapeutic cases for the veterinary practices in the area and is fortunate to have shod not only the top race horses in the country but showjumpers and dressage horses as well as eventers. He was asked to judge at the first farrier competition in South Africa in 2010.