Robbie Miller

Robbie Miller ASF

Robbie Miller ASF

Robbie Miller ASF


I started my horseshoeing career in the then SADF (South African Defence Force) in 1987 under Major Grant Store, Master Farrier (WRC), and qualified as a farrier at the end of 1988.

In 1989 I moved to Port Elizabeth to start a shoeing business, and it was there that I gained a lot of experience working with Thoroughbred racehorses.


Today I own and run a multi-farrier practice in Cape Town, specializing in the racing and breeding industries and also deal with therapeutic and remedial cases for all disciplines of horses.


Twice South African Champion Farrier and runner-up on numerous occasions, I have also represented South Africa on the International stage at the World Championship Blacksmith Competition in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


In 2005 I was on the South African Farrier Team that won the Creative forging title in Calgary and also finished third overall in the Calgary mail in competition.


In 2009/2010 I made contact with Chris Gregory FWCF to bring an exam he had written for Brazil to South Africa, thereby, I believe, leading to the birth of the Farrier International Testing System known simply as FITS.  I have been intimately involved with FITS since then.


After achieving my Advanced Skills Level through FITS in 2011, I have gone on to become the first South African to examine on foreign soil when I travelled to Missouri, USA to be a part of the examination team in June / July 2012.  This was when I met Dusty Franklin, who would go on to become a good friend of mine.


In 2013 I was invited again to examine in Missouri, and had the honour of examining with my good friend Chris Gregory, I also went on to compete at the WCBC in Calgary.


In April 2014, I examined at Dusty’s school in Minco, Oklahoma, and a week later, travelled with Dusty to Madison, Wisconsin to compete at my first WCB event.  I had a very good contest and won the “Best Shod Foot” in my category.


In September 2014 I won the “Mustang” contest at Scott Borland’s event in Johannesburg.


In November 2014, we had the FITS exams and contest in my hometown, Cape Town with Dusty Franklin and Sean Eggersglusz as judges, which I won.


March 2015 we invited Nigel Fennell from The United Kingdom to judge a contest at Ponderosa Ranch in Mpumalanga , which I won.


In April 2015 I was once again invited to Minco as Chief Examiner for the FITS exams held at Five Star Horseshoeing School, and a week later travelled to Madison to compete once again in the WCB contest, which went very well with me winning another “Best Shod Foot” in my category.


At the FITS Summit in Lamar Missouri held in June 2015 I was elected as one of four Chief Examiners for FITS examinations.